meet the future of bitcoin point of sale

Bitcoin payments made easy.

XBTerminal is the fast, simple and cost effective way for your business to start accepting bitcoin today.

Our unique and innovative solutions allow you accept Bitcoin in a safe and risk free way. You are in control of the payment process whether you want to keep the Bitcoins or receive local currency. Through our seamless payment gateway integration we can guarantee a local currency return back to your business bank account.


XBT Mobile

XBT Mobile allows you to Start Accepting Bitcoin now with no upfront costs and the same great features as our dedicated hardware.

Our mobile app is just as easy to operate as our hardware product. Customers may pay from any mobile Bitcoin wallet by NFC (Android only) or QR code, payment from offline mobile devices is supported by Bluetooth (Android only). The payment process is fast and secure, replicating the features of our dedicated hardware allowing you to dip your toe into the Bitcoin world without any upfront costs. This solution best suits merchants without a fixed point of sale like pop-up or street traders, it’s also a great starting point before deciding if you want a dedicated device for your business.

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